At Automattic, we have an online design magazine at It’s something that our Head of Design, John Maeda created and it has become a joint effort across all the designers and design lovers I work with. Every Thursday we publish a new issue, which involves 2-3 articles from design leaders and a brand new […]


Hack Day Project: Update Reblogs You can reblog a post to your own site by using the reblog button. The colors and typography of a reblogged post vary from theme to theme, but the overall layout remains fairly consistent. I updated the look and feel of reblogs to be cleaner and easier to read. You can check […]


A whole new way to create posts and pages. We had only recently launched an “interim editor” when we got to work redesigning a new one from the ground up. It was the last piece of the Calypso puzzle and it is my favorite thing I’ve ever had the pleasure of designing. (More screenshots and […]

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