• Blue Dot block art

    Designed by George Nelson & Associates in 1960, this art was used on the cover of a brochure introducing customers to “Eames chairs for the office”. Herman Miller is selling the poster, and I thought it would be fun to try and recreate it within WordPress using blocks. Not bad if you view it full size.

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  • Designing with WordPress

    Proud of the team for designing tons of amazing themes & countless improvements to WordPress. Love how it all comes together to make the web a more beautiful place. Wild how far we’ve come.

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  • Design in Vienna

    This past February, all the designers who work at Automattic were invited to meet up in Vienna, Austria. We hadn’t gotten together as a group since 2019 and there was a bunch of people I hadn’t physically met yet. Was so good to get out of our Zoom squares and Figma chats and into the same room!

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  • SotW 2022

    This year’s State of the Word was stunning. Really proud of the design team’s work on this and was happy to have been present for the live event in our NY office space.

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  • Reel design

    A highlight reel showcasing some of the great work the design team at Automattic has been working on in the last year. ❤️

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  • Cyclocross

    Every year our entire company gets together and one of the things we all have to do is give a four minute talk on any subject. In the past, this has always made me super nervous, and this was the first year that I wasn’t shaking in my boots. Progress!

    The slides aren’t exactly synced up, but if you have ever wanted to learn more about cyclocross or have no idea what it is, your wait is over!

    Two things I want to work on for next time:

    1. Look at the audience instead of the slides
    2. Less “um”s and “yeah”s

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  • design.blog

    At Automattic, we have an online design magazine at design.blog. It’s something that our Head of Design, John Maeda created and it has become a joint effort across all the designers and design lovers I work with.

    Every Thursday we publish a new issue, which involves 2-3 articles from design leaders and a brand new homepage created by an Automattic designer. This week, it was my turn! I used the Paper app on the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil to illustrate the cover. It was really fun and actually made me want to get back to my ink and watercolors doodles.

    Design.blog cover:


    Individual images:




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  • Reblogs

    Hack Day Project: Update Reblogs

    You can reblog a WordPress.com post to your own site by using the reblog button. reblog

    The colors and typography of a reblogged post vary from theme to theme, but the overall layout remains fairly consistent. I updated the look and feel of reblogs to be cleaner and easier to read. You can check out a “before” shot if you’d like to compare 🙂

    Below is a reblogged post from en.blog.wordpress.com, which features sites using the theme I designed:

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  • Media

    media - tooltip helpermedia - gallery previewmedia - gallery insertionmedia - edit image

    media - single image

    Media management is done within the editor and was designed with that contextual nature in mind. You can add, edit, reorder, align, caption, resize, and remove photos and galleries without ever leaving the editor.

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  • Editor


    A whole new way to create posts and pages. We had only recently launched an “interim editor” when we got to work redesigning a new one from the ground up. It was the last piece of the Calypso puzzle and it is my favorite thing I’ve ever had the pleasure of designing. (More screenshots and info coming)

    Read the announcement post.

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Sappho, spelled (in the dialect spoken by the poet) Psappho, (born c. 610, Lesbos, Greece — died c. 570 BCE). A lyric poet greatly admired in all ages for the beauty of her writing style.

Her language contains elements from Aeolic vernacular and poetic tradition, with traces of epic vocabulary familiar to readers of Homer. She has the ability to judge critically her own ecstasies and grief, and her emotions lose nothing of their force by being recollected in tranquillity.

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