Proposing instead of asking

I recently joined a team of designers to lead. One of the patterns I noticed was a lack of ownership over the product areas some of the designers were working in. This came about in a few ways, but the biggest and most common sign was how someone approached a problem. Some designers propose aContinue reading “Proposing instead of asking”

Not turning my problems into yours

I recently had a conversation with a design manager that started something like this: “I want to start having my team to do daily standups.”“Why?” “Just so I can easily see what everyone is doing.” This sort of scenario is pretty common and I’ve actually done this myself in the past. (Standups on their ownContinue reading “Not turning my problems into yours”

A good design lead

Today my coworker Brie asked me, “What do you value most in a design leader?” I think a good design director/boss/manager/leader is someone who: Leads by example.  Sets and upholds a high bar of design quality. Has an efficient & high performing team. Actively works on growing each designer. Knows the strengths & weaknesses ofContinue reading “A good design lead”

Don’t do anything

Soon after I started managing managers, I promoted a few designers to a Design Director role, meaning they went from designing to managing designers. I had a few conversations with some who were very eager to get started and “make their mark”. One particular high achiever wanted to “do” something in their first few weeksContinue reading “Don’t do anything”

🌶Spicy topics

Recently, the design team I lead was going through a period of low morale. I noticed this through conversations in 1-1s, our team Slack channel, and most notably in our team meetings. The designers were all working on some very big product problems and while the work was really challenging, the rewarding aspect seemed toContinue reading “🌶Spicy topics”