Something different


Routines. I develop one for a period of time and then realize I’m in one and feel the urge to shake it up a little. This week, I’m in between trips and noticed that I’d develop a daily pattern of sorts. I woke up and decided to do something different. Different for this week meant something outside of reading, writing, house projects, or snowboarding. Denver Botanical Gardens: a place I would not normally choose to go, which meant it was the perfect choice to break up the week.

Stepping into the bio-dome-like greenhouse was like going to a different country. From snow, dry, below-freezing to green, humid, and warm. My mind wandered. There were plants that looked like the patterns on them were computer generated. And colors that would never be described as “natural” or “earthy” were everywhere. I thought about a podcast I just listened to where a guy made an app that sent him a random Facebook event every day, just so he would be guaranteed to not be stuck in a routine. In the orchid room, I thought of Georgia O’Keeffe and how I want to paint again.

It had a similar effect to traveling. Seeing something new and different inspires me, gets me excited, and also has me looking forward to get back home. Back to my routine.

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