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After three nights in Jackson, we said goodbye to Wyoming and headed down to Utah.

We stayed in Utah for that night and drove to SLC the next morning to drop my dad off at the airport. Although I was less than 20 miles away from where I needed to be on Monday, it was only Saturday. Moab was calling my name so I drove the four hours to my friend’s house for some mountain biking and down time.



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Beach Camping

East Beach in Charlestown, RI

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Good morning, Jackson Hole


My backyard for the next 14 days

California Travel Video

Mammoth Lakes, CA

We flew standby last week and ended up in Vegas and renting a car and driving through Death Valley to Mammoth Lakes, CA, where we stayed for 5 days snowboarding, working and hanging out. Oh and we got to fly first class on the way back! Here’s the music video I made:

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Sarasota, Florida

I went down to Florida for a few days and it was a nice break from this weird winter we’ve been having. Favorite spots: Lido Beach Tiki Bar and Siesta Beach.

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Burlington, VT

Instagrams from Thanksgiving weekend in Burlington

California Travel

Long Beach, CA

Some recent Instagrams from my trip to Cali.