• No question

    I said yes to a big job opportunity this week without asking a single question. I had plenty of them, I just knew my own answer regardless. I also believe that when someone asks you to step into a new leadership role, there is going to be some ambiguity and part of your job will be to create clarity.

    I said yes to something I was working towards professionally, even though it presented itself much sooner than I thought. I said yes to stepping into a lot of unknowns and the opportunity to make things better. I said yes to something I know I’m capable of. I said yes to trying out a new job alongside a great group of people.

    I said yes to being an interim head of design for Automattic. And I’m really excited about it!

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  • Location, location

    At my previous job I would get antsy sitting in the same desk every day. I would move around a lot. I’d find an empty desk, an unused conference room, or sit at the picnic table outside. Although I was moving around, it was hard being creative sitting in the same general location and feeling like you had to more or less be physically present from 9–5.

    One thing I’ve come to appreciate at my gig here at Automattic is the ability to completely choose your own adventure in terms of when and where you’d like to do your work. I’ve been here less than two years and my list of “where” is pretty long and continues to grow.

    I used to take a lot of working vacations, but I’m learning that just because I can work anywhere, doesn’t mean I should. Working on the beach may look cool in pictures, but unplugging and enjoying your vacation has proved to be much more beneficial. I still believe that working while traveling is a great way to spend time in a new place, but I’m trying not to let all my vacations become working ones.


    • Ellington, CT
    • New York, NY
    • Brooklyn, NY
    • Monterey, MA
    • Moving to Chicago, IL next month


    • San Francisco, CA*
    • Santa Cruz, CA*
    • Various towns in CT
    • Las Vegas, NV*
    • Reykjavik, Iceland*
    • Jackson Hole, WY
    • Moab, UT
    • Denver, Boulder, and Aspen, CO
    • Queenstown, New Zealand*
    • Various towns on the island of Oahu, Hawaii*
    • Salt Lake City, UT*
    • Charlestown, RI
    • Provincetown, MA
    • Seattle, WA*
    • Paris, France*
    • Boston, MA*
    • Atlanta, GA*
    • Portland, OR*
    • Chicago, IL*

    My favorite place to work? Anywhere with my coworkers on any one of our meetups. (Those locations are marked with a *)

    Working whenever I want is also important to me. I’m not always the most creative or productive during the “normal” 9–5 business day. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t created a routine, its just a very flexible routine that I’ve iterated on over time. It allows me to not feel guilty getting up from my computer and going on a bike ride at 2pm three days in a row and gives me the ability to say “yes” to an impromptu long weekend.

    If any of this sounds interesting and you’d like to come work with me, check out our job openings. I know remote working isn’t for everyone so if you’d rather work in an office with a great group of people, my previous company is hiring as well.

    Photo: Taken in Boston, MA by coworker Jeff Golenski

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  • Fullscreen Mode

    I worked on designing and implementing a new editing interface on WordPress.com and my favorite feature is the fullscreen mode. I redesigned it to be as clean and zen-like as possible. I love using it and hope you do too.

    Happy writing.

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  • Engaged, Inspired, and Ready to Build a Better Web

    The much loved annual work event that is the Grand Meetup

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  • Embeddable Timelines

    We recently launched embeddable timelines, which allows you to insert a nice list of recent postings on your site.

    I had a lot of fun styling this one and really like how it came out. You can choose between two themes, depending on what you think will look best on your site.

    Light Theme

    [wptimeline url=”http://en.blog.wordpress.com” showgravatars=”true” width=”450″]

    Dark theme

    [wptimeline url=”http://withlovefromcarole.wordpress.com” showgravatars=”true” theme=”dark” width=”450″]

    Add one to your WordPress site by visiting the timeline creation tool.

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  • Shaq

    Today, Shaq acknowledged my existence:

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  • Office today


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  • Grand Meetup

    I accepted on a job on Monday at Automattic, the makers of WordPress. They are a 100% distributed company and hold a company-wide meetup once a year, dubbed Grand Meetup. It just so happened to be that very Thursday in San Francisco and Santa Cruz, CA. It was an amazing time filled with hacking, drinking, eating, surfing, and meeting 200 new co-workers! Below are some sweet iPhone pics.

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Her language contains elements from Aeolic vernacular and poetic tradition, with traces of epic vocabulary familiar to readers of Homer. She has the ability to judge critically her own ecstasies and grief, and her emotions lose nothing of their force by being recollected in tranquillity.

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