The finalsite LMS offers all of the standard components of a Social Learning Management System: Social updates & comments, messaging, bulk email to students and parents, assignments calendar, dropbox, discussion forums, blog, bulletins, resources, media, and quizzes.

These features together comprise an enormous product that must meet the needs of a variety of ‘type’ of user (teacher, student, parent) across a range of technical aptitudes. And if this wasn’t already enough of a UI/UX challenge: a beautiful, modern design that permits complex actions while at the same time being easy and intuitive to use, it also had to be 100% responsive and maintain a full set of features across all screens, big and small.


To provide customization on top of just a school logo, admins can choose from ten themes to apply to their classroom or group space.

Red theme

Blue theme


The product is responsive and can be viewed and managed on all mobile, tablet and desktop devices.


Start to finish

I designed the layout, created the mockups, and then styled each and every page, modal, and window of the final product.

Customize Dashboard - MockupCustomize Dashboard - Live

UI Goodness

Account menu drop down and classroom homepage delights

lms-accountbar lms-settingslms-calendar

Full View

A classroom homepage as seen through the eyes of an admin


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