• Change Text Highlight Color

    This has been around a while, but I have just started implementing it on sites. This detail adds a nice touch, further extending the color scheme and also makes text on dark backgrounds easier to read when highlighting. Highlight the text on this page, you will see it is black on green. The browser default would be gray on a light blue background, which is not easy to read. Below is the code I used:

    ::selection { background:#c3effd; color:#000;}
    ::-moz-selection { background:#c3effd; color:#000; /* Firefox */ }

  • Sarasota, Florida

    I went down to Florida for a few days and it was a nice break from this weird winter we’ve been having. Favorite spots: Lido Beach Tiki Bar and Siesta Beach.

  • Skate Paint

    Brittny Badger and I had an extra skateboard laying around that we never use so we decided to gesso the deck and paint it up!

    Check out the process video:

  • Beaver Brook

    Beaver Brook


    Great photo blog running on tumblr. Love the minimal layout of full bleed stacked images. Zach Klein says he will be submitting the theme to tumblr’s theme store. Seems like a nice alternative to the flash portfolio sites so many photographers seem to have.

  • Holga photos

    Just shot my first roll of film with a Holga. I had no idea what I was doing, but apparently that is half the fun with these things. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Hero – a pointillism drawing by Miguel Endara

    Amazing video by Miguel Endara on the making of an ink drawing of his dad. He counted out all 3.2 million dots. Nice soundtrack too.

  • Evenings – Babe

    Love this track by Evenings.


  • Burlington, VT

    Instagrams from Thanksgiving weekend in Burlington

  • Long Beach, CA

    Some recent Instagrams from my trip to Cali.

  • New Site

    I’ve probably redesigned my site a dozen times… I hope I never stop wanting to. This is my second using a responsive design, the first using WordPress. Resize your browser, check out this site on your phone. Coooool, ya?


    I grabbed this theme Fluid from themefit. I am customizing the heck out of it and have already learned a ton about WordPress, PHP, and everything in between. This is also my first site with an integrated blog, so we’ll see how this goes.


    Thanks for stopping by.



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